Training Programs

NESP training follows the Conjugate Method developed and made famous by Louie Simmons, founder and owner of Westside Barbell. NESP weights and training equipment are custom Westside Barbell equipment not found in any other area gym.

The Conjugate Sequence System (CSS) utilizes various training methods designed to improve numerous athletic qualities all at the same time. These athletic qualities include but are not limited to:

NESP tailors the Conjugate Method depending on the individual athlete’s goals, needs, potential, and to produce the greatest results.

Training Programs
Safe, effective and balanced programs for athletes from ages 8-12 in any sport.
high school
High school athletes will see tremendous results in strength, speed & injury prevention.
Effective & results-driven personal programs for advanced athletes.
Specific training using the Conjugate Method to achieve the greatest strength increments.

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